the girl with the dragon tattoo

the girl with the dragon tattoo
Yes, I have a dragon tattoo as well

Κυριακή, 27 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

Lena Headey special

As the year wears off, I am wondering, who has been the person I always wanted to write about but didn't? This year has to be Lena Headey, an actress that's so amazing and talented but wastes her time playing in horror flicks (being the daughter of a policeman, I suppose doesn't give you enough dough on the side).

When the TV series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" (2008-2009) was butchered, I was one of those who gasped. But I wasn't surprised. Lena Headey was a great lead as Sarah Connor, just as Summer Glau was unbelievable as Cameron, the plastic, unflinching, emotionally dread-pan cyborg. But the male cast sucked big time: Thomas Dekker as John Connor was not the least persuasive, and Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese was a bit of the same- despite all the muscles and the fake macho attitude.

Too bad for Lena, whom we have seen in "300" (2006) as Queen Gorgo, and in films like "Aberdeen" (2000), "Mrs Dalloway" (1997) and "The Remains of the Day" (1993). My Secret Crush: "Imagine me and you" (2005) - sure not the masterpiece of a film but quite tantalizing as a romantic comedy with Headey as a... gay florist. Cast next to Piper Perabo (for the second time that year as they both made it into "The Cave" ensemble- another second-rate horror flick), Lena Headey managed to turn quite a few dyke heads.

"The paradox of love at first sight, the way we can differentiate it from lust, or merely confusion, is that it proves itself only by continuing to exist" says director Ol Parker in a very meaningful analysis of the "click" the two girls feel when they meet for the first time. "Imagine me&you" is an unusual film, in the sense that it is a gay film where nobody has to turn straight or die in the end. On the contrary: "There's no stupidity about relationships, no unrealistic, tired, comical misunderstandings". Girl loves girl, Girl gets girl in the end. Which is, in itself, quite a refreshing reversal of the very old & tired mainstream cliche "boy gets girl", or, whatever way you want to see it; the film flirts with mainstream, while at the same time denies to be that.

Above, Headey with her "Lotus Flower" tattoo on her back, in all her glory. Flowers, anyone? ;)

Of course, looking at the above picture, it's impossible to resist. Anyone would like to deflower THIS lotus.

Yes, you can like Lena even if you don't like chicks with guns...

Look at this warm, unpretentious, authentic smile. Isn't it adorable?

Simply breath-taking - don't let me hear you say "for a Spartan woman"... she's British after all.

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Alex είπε...

I agree with you about the fact that she was great in Terminator, the role suited her. And she's pretty convincing with guns. I watched "The Cave" because she played in it, well, to be honest, I haven't finished it :/ but Imagine me & You was a nice movie, a reference in the area even if I would have choosen someone else to fill Piper Perabo's role. But Lena is nevertheless breathtaking.

artemis είπε...

@alexandra- nice to meet someone with the same taste :) but i have no clue where you came from, it would be nice if there was a link to your own blog or something alond these lines. Appreciate it though! :D

Alex είπε...

I come from addic7ed! lol. I don't have a blogspot blog, but I have a skyblog one, here it is
It's just my random thoughts and musical taste. =)
And by the way, I'm French.

artemis είπε...

@ alexandra: nice! I took a look. I speak french (i am really better at reading than speaking) so you'll hear from me soon! now i am really exhausted but i'll visit your skyrock page soon in a more thorough manner. c u around, and a Happy New Year in the meantime!

Alex είπε...

Happy New Year to you too.
I just checked and the time difference between France and Greece is only one hour. I thought it was more.
See you around.