the girl with the dragon tattoo

the girl with the dragon tattoo
Yes, I have a dragon tattoo as well

Παρασκευή, 18 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

the RobbieWilliams SuperFan contest!

It's high time I admitted it: Robbie is one of my soft spots. It doesn't matter I am an educated girl, with a couple of academic degrees under my belt. It does not matter that I have been exposed to "serious" works of art. When it comes to Robbie's charm, I come undone. This is my pop (trash?) side. I think "Rudebox" is one of his most under-rated albums, and "Escapology" one of the most over-rated.

Where others see nothing but a six-pack, I find elements of pop genius in his music, and even though some describe a wanker with a head up his ass, I think he is an intelligent man. When I listen to lyrics he wrote, I feel that they are often a sincere effort to express the unspeakable and ...Well! I know it's silly, there are probably a million people out there that got more talent than he does; but do they have an equal charisma, an equally titillating personality? The credit for the music and the lyrics should be alloted to his co-writters (like Guy Chambers, for example) who have also done some of the important work, but still...What a handsome bustard...Sorry, I said so-- Robbie is a soft spot.

So, naturally, I jump again at the opportunity of (yet another) contest- since it means, probably, that the person who wins will (maybe?) be able to meet in person with one of the most interesting figures of the music show business for the past 12 years! (The prizes have not been announced yet but it feels like it, the promotion is just too flashy). Here is the link: just visit and enter the Superfan Contest.

How familiar are you, exactly with all things Robbie?

Questions like:
1. How many times has Robbie performed in Manchester?

2. Where was the Feel video shot?

3. What animal was held to ransom in the Road To Mandalay?

are looking for the answers...

My response so far is: 1. (six times), 2. (Fortress Mountain, Canada), 3. (a dog).

By the way, I won the last contest I took part in, so please, please God, why not make it a nice set of three, please! Then all I need to do is win this one as well, and finally get a job that pays....!


p.s. Are you a conscientious shopper? enter the contest and get a job that pays, just by trying different products... ! all you have to do is make your own video of yourself, and your shopping habits.