the girl with the dragon tattoo

the girl with the dragon tattoo
Yes, I have a dragon tattoo as well

Πέμπτη, 25 Δεκεμβρίου 2008

Το Πάθος

Παραθέτω τις σημειώσεις ενός συγγραφέα, του Jamie Moran, μελετητή της Αγίας Γραφής και των Ελλήνων Φιλοσόφων, για το βιβλίο του με τον τίτλο "το Πάθος", ως απάντηση σε ό,τι είπε ο κορυφαίος του Βατικανού- και ως επεξήγηση του θυμού μου απέναντι σε τέτοιες απόψεις, βλ. προηγούμενο "ουστ" post !!!!

By Jamie Moran


[...]in creating us -- the cosmos, the world, nature, the whole creation -- God did something NEW. We are not a recapitulation of God, a pale imitation of God, a weaker and denuded emanation of God. Nor conversely, are we something wholly different that
is inferior and lower, simply 'beneath' God. We are something new, an ontological reality that did not pre-exist the moment of our creation; therefore God came out, forged ahead, took a new step into the non pre-existent. This step is ecstatic, a going out, a going forth, an exceeding, a new departure, the deed of a youthful God-- not an old god just doing the same old thing in a slightly different way. Creation is a 'new departure' for God, and in making this venture, God becomes something new. God is erotic towards his creation, and out of this, there is a divine--created joining, that is a wellspring of goodness, and the creation of a new life= the uncreated embodied in the created.

By this is a new fruit brought forth - "a fruit that will last." Thus is the soul made overflowing, creative, pregnant. This soul pouring out the gifts of the Creator and finally giving birth to the uncreated in the created is what is new.

A waterfall coming down from above.

A spring welling up from below= from the cave in the earth.

Such is the 'ontological.'
The vehicle of the ontological is the soul.
Eros--soul is the wedding we are all journeying toward.

Τhis new departure of God, as well as being a well-spring of shared joy, thanks to God's exstasis, is at the same time a firey abyss of suffering. For, the new departure of God is made subject to danger, to hardship, to cost, to pain. It is put
inherently at risk, made inherently precarious= the new ontology of the creation, with its potentiality for bearing an entirely new fruit, is subject to existential 'passability', which means it can be gained or lost, and is in a process whose outcome is not yet secured. Only by facing up to this existential edge, gap, crossing of roads, is humanity deepened in heart, and forced to acquire the same suffering love, the same passionate heart, that God shows in his constancy, good faith, courage, generosity, forbearance, strength, in staying with and coming through the passible condition inherent to creation. The victory of love finally secured has to be 'won' from the changeability, lability, mutability, of love initially insecure. It is passion, wounded and aroused by the daemonic, that carries love to this victory. Without passion, there is no love that can enter the existential arena, and win the victory there by its carrying the burden, suffering the wound, paying the cost, that the Daemonic inflicts by putting us in that situation. Without passion, the heart flees the existential condition which the creation, at depth, is in= poised over nothing, but this fleeing is itself an endless falling.

Lightning zigzagging to the ground.

Fire kindled from below= from the abyss beneath the earth.

Such is the 'existential.'

The vehicle of the existential is the heart. Daemonic--heart is the fight in the depth we are all struggling in, where we do not yet know if love will win or will forsake us.

God's risk in Eros is the Give Away that establishes Life. Thus his Marriage vow.
God's risk in the Daemonic is the Sacrifice that embraces Death. Thus his Warrior vow.

jamie moran,

London, England.