the girl with the dragon tattoo

the girl with the dragon tattoo
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Σάββατο, 10 Οκτωβρίου 2009

Assassination of a high school president (2008)

Very funny and NEVER boring, this smart piece of film-making plays on both industry standards: high school movies and investigative journalism- and it does so magnificently.

I had the luck to meet one of the writers, Kevin, back in UCD Ireland, and attended the same Film Course with him. His talent was evident even back in the day. One of his projects was choosen for filming by the whole class - "Clarence" was the name of that short film he did and it was a piece of excellent writing.

I wish Kevin the best of luck, as he seems to be ready to embark on a pretty interesting cretive career.

Now on DVD, The Assassination of a High School President was a Sundance 2008 favorite.

Cast includes Bruce Willis, Mischa Barton and Michael Rapaport.

A short little trailer here:

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