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the girl with the dragon tattoo
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Πέμπτη, 31 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

The farewells of 2009: the L word

This year has brought along with much sorrow and plight, the end of "the L word". The groundbreaking series has been with us for 6 seasons, and with the initial surprise and praise for the depiction of days in the life of the Los Angeles lesbian community, later came all the unnecessary drama and the sluggish plot of seasons 4 and 5. However, the L word has introduced a couple of dozens of memorable characters, unforgettable performances, and along with them, celebrated love scenes that made a lot of girls sigh.

Who can forget Bette and Candace's illegitimate affair, starting off at the stairs of a respectable hotel? Cherie and Shane getting it on by the pool? Ivan in full drag, moustache and all, dancing for Kit? Thus, in no particular order, whatsoever, here are (most of) the faces that kept us company for 6 straight long years, (ok wrong term - gay long years), since 2004, the faces that forever changed the countenance of television!

Mia Kirshner as Jenny

Sarah Sachi as Carmen

Rose Rollins as Tasha

Rosanna Arquette as Cherie

Rachel Shelley as Helena

Pam Grier as Kit

Kristanna Loken as Paige

Laurel Holloman as Tina

Lauren Lee Smith as Lara

Leisha Hailey as Alice

Marlee Matlin as Jodi

Jennifer Beals as Bette

Karina Lombard as Marina

Kate French as Niki

Katherine Moennig as Shane

Kelly Lynch as Ivan

Daniela Sea as Max

Erin Daniels as Dana

Ganina Javankar as Papi

Ion Overman as Candace

Jane Lynch as Joyce

Alexandra Hedison as Dylan

Clementine Ford as Molly

Lucia Rijker as Dusty

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Δεν θυμαμαι Δαστ, πιοια ειναι;

Τι εκανες περσι βραδυ;
(what did you do last night for the new year ? - I translate in case you can't understand my bad greek)



Alex είπε...

What an amazing show! The first 5 seasons were really interesting, even if this show depicts the lives of women who are not so real (is there really a Shane out there?) =)
I don't know if all the L Word fans can identify to one character, but we all have our favorites. For me, it's mainly Shane (what a cliché I know) and also Carmen, Helena...
The last season was a real disappointment, it's a shame to end this show that way, knowing the quality of all the previous seasons.
I like to think that it helped open people's minds, but I'm not sure a lot of straight people watched it. But it entertained us for many years, and that's the important point, even if now, there no such show on tv.

artemis είπε...

@ dornac: Dusty was Helena's cellmate, you know! When she was locked up in prison she was in the same cell with this totally muscular and serious person- then they had hot prison sex and eloped to the islands... lol
Last night I stayed up watching "Breaking Bad". I know, weird way to start the Year!

@alexandra: it was totally unfair to end the series in this way. I never liked Jenny as a character but I thought killing herself was a bit too much. The 6th season was not the decline itself, somehow the show fell off balance and wasn't as fun after the 3rd season.

Shane was one of my favorites too (and then I suppose also Alice- as a character). I think there are a lot of "Shanes" out there. I met at least a couple of them... Maybe not model-beautiful but equally charming and screwed up...

Also, you have to believe a lot of straight people watched the show. Somehow it's hard to grasp that the popularity of the show depended only on the LGBT community. Are all the thousands Showtime subscribers gay? LoL Don't think so! I think the L word changed things forever, for the depiction of gay people. Just the other day I was zapping and stumbled in one of those MTV reality shows, and the girls were just kissing and talking about their sexuality out in the open without any need for hushing up or issues or embarassment.

Alex είπε...

Yeah the death of Jenny was a bit excessive. I didn't like either, especially since the season 5 where she was being a real bitch :)
But the end was totally weird, as we still don't know how Jenny died. I hoped we'd have some answers with the spin-off, but it seems the project is cancelled for good now. I don't know if you've seen the webisodes on which are supposed to give some sort of conclusion to the show, but they're are so ridiculous, it's even worse than the last season.
But you're right that the show probably changed things in a good way. At least it did for me =)

Shane is definitely screwed up, maybe it's why girls love her character so much.

I don't know about the American impact of the show on the public opinion, but for my part, this show was broadcast for some time on the cable television. But then, mostly gays watched it. I think I can ask every straight people I know even those who've got the cable, I'm pretty sure they never heard of it.
On our television shows, they're almost zero gay characters. There are some in reality tv, but they look like clichés and don't reflect a good image of the gay community.

artemis είπε...

@ alexandra: the same thing applies to Greece. No real roles for lesbians on TV, and gay men are caricatures of themselves. The States have been a bit more of "trend-makers" on this front. Europe will follow, sooner or later. You'll see! Think of this: 'Queer as Folk' started off in Britain, but it was in the States that it actually developed into a trend. Same with the British 'The Bad girls'. I hope 'The Farm' makes it on the screen.

Yeah i checked the webisodes. pretty lame.

Which spin-off project are you talking about? "The farm" ? or "The Real L word" ? Which one got ditched? I hope it's not the Farm, I was looking forward to that.

Also, what's funny today is, that both of you girls who commented on this post are from France. Sophie is " Dornac " , this is her blog: and the greek inscription on it reads "ax ellada s' agapw" = Ah, Greece, I love you" (it's a line from a song). Sophie lives on the outskirts of Paris and she's a teacher. She's a big fan of Greek culture and she's been in Greece every summmer for the past 5 years. Maybe you girls should meet or something... LoL
Where do you live, Alex?

Alex είπε...

I never watched the British version of QAF, but I did watch the US one (when I was waiting for a new season of TLW) lol.

From the last news I read Showtime didn't pick "The Farm" as a show, so unless some other channel pick it up, we'll never see a spin-off :(
About "The Real L World", I wished it had been cancelled instead of "The Farm". I'm really not a big fan of reality tv, I often found the candidates pathetic, and if this new programme looks like "The Hills" or "The Real Housewives of...", it's gonna be pretty lame.

Contrary to Sophie I don't live in Paris. I live in the west of France, about 50km from the coast of the English Channel. And I don't know much about Greece :/ only what we learn at school, about mythology and ancient monuments. She lives pretty far for a meeting ^^

artemis είπε...

@alex -Damn, i was searching latest news about The Farm but didn't find anything. Too bad it got axed, I was really looking forward to watching Famke Jensen in prison :D

I hate reality tv as well... people just show the worst aspects of themselves when in competition. it's actually like watching gorillas fight in the mist about who will be the king of the jungle.. so lame.

Alex είπε...

@alex -Damn, i was searching latest news about The Farm but didn't find anything. Too bad it got axed, I was really looking forward to watching Famke Jensen in prison :D

I hate reality tv as well... people just show the worst aspects of themselves when in competition. it's actually like watching gorillas fight in the mist about who will be the king of the jungle.. so lame.

Yeah it sucks! No more interesting gay show. Famke is not my favourite actress but I remember her mosly from Nip/Tuck. I liked her role.

In reality tv, it looks like they really try to find the dumbest candidates. When I watch things like Big Brother, I'm really wondering if the people are playing a role, or if they're just plain stupid. At least they're not ashamed of being pictured as idiots.