the girl with the dragon tattoo

the girl with the dragon tattoo
Yes, I have a dragon tattoo as well

Κυριακή, 25 Απριλίου 2010

Θεσσαλονίκη by night

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Dornac είπε...

Thessaloniki, s'apago! And I can feel the sweet air, because now it must be sunny during the day and the nights might be sweet too, don't they? Are there enough orange tree in the streets to fill up the air with their flowers' perfumes ?
haha !
OS : Did someone in your family went to see Haris Alexiou ? She is in concert now in Thessaloniki... by night !

artemis είπε...

hi sophie, yeah that's how it is!! exactly.
nights are sweet as honey.
there are enough "mantarinies" in the streets :)
no one I know went to see Alexiou cause the people I know just like going into little rock bars and playing loudly and getting out all smoked up and with a distant ring in their ears... lol
Alexiou would be someone my mom would listen to (ok I used to listen to her too) but now even our dreams happen in english...for good or for bad...? who knows. time will tell..!

dornac είπε...

I kept in my jacket some leaves and flowers of mantarinies that I took the last time I went to Athens.

About Haris Alexiou : Once again, you have this strange habit in Greece to let your jewels to the strangers, or the tourists as if modernity could not marry tradition ! But it seems that Alexiou tries to make new things, rap for instance (not too much, fortunatelly!)
Or I should say that only young greeks have this habit?
Be careful : nightmares are in english now, if you ask.

I am also very sad to hear how some people now, knowing that some countries have problems, denigrate it.
I have heard on the french radio a french woman living in Athens, saying that Greece was not enough modern, and she took as an example the fact that a lot of people don't give any bill, don't make bills!
My conclusion is : modernism is making fake bills, like in the northern countries (we had so many scandals in France for that)!
Swindle is a part of the progress, you have to follow the new ways of doing it properly.

Happy 1rst of May (it smells like lily of the valley).

artemis είπε...

May the 1st was a joy. I spent it over at the village. Greek songs make me sad-that's why I gave up listening e.g. to Alexiou! This doesn't mean I am not aware of the cultural value.
I should say that at least for the people I know, using english creatively is about reaching out to an audience that can't understand the Greek Language. I think this is healthy!
As for out "Swindlers", unfortunately they exist even if they are not leaders in technical innovation. Our swindlers are those who exploited Public Funds, the same people who brought Greece to the point that it is forced to go under the I.M.F. supervision. DAMN!

dornac είπε...

Entaxei, Anastasia.

I was happy today (first day of return after holidays) because as my students were not there, I talked to a collegue :
I said :- "waoo, you are very suntaned, where did you go?"
-" To Greece"
- "Ah, Kardia mou! [I have to tell you that now, I am beginning to say some things in Greek, like "agapi mou", "matia mou", "kardia mou", "papoutsia mou"... hmmm... ]
He didn't understand but smiled :
-" It's my favorite country!"
- "oh yes, yes... I understand"
He was still dreaming, like I didn't see him before.
He added :
-" It's marvellous... magic..."
And we talked about your country with such enthousiasm...

So, It made my day.
I swear, I don't invent this to please you or being accurate to our conversation.
And well, it's only a tourist logos... but... there is something MORE in Greece, more than the others.
Let's say ilios and kindness first, odours, sweet air, way of living, even when people are poor.
You are not living stupidly like in northern and big countries.

artemis είπε...

Well Sophie I hope you are right and I hope these things won't change.
The fact is that this country is going through some painful changes that the people hardly deserve to pay for. Instead of fighting corruption they are asked to make sacrifices (again). It is totally unfair and it's making everyone very very angry...

dornac είπε...

That's what I meant.
Κάλο Κουράγιο.
It makes me angry too.
In France people are not enough angry anymore, when they suffer they don't move a lot because they are afraid to loose the little things that rest.
Word of consommation is opium for people.